Aurora Restaurant (“Katkalainen”)

Katkalainen was a character created by author Simo Hamalainen; you could easily see Katkalainen living in the region. He lived off of nature, respecting the yield it provided.

The most famous character in Simo Hamalainen’s novel is definitely Peter Aholainen or Katkalainen. Katkalainen, who is angry and suddenly brainstorming, lives near the forest border in the wigs of Salokyla’s Ruojakyla in Katkavaara with his wife Iitamaria.

The same nature friendly principle applies in the kitchen. Almost all ingredients come from the North. Reindeer meat, game, salmon, pollock and herring, as well as several natural berries and mushrooms, are the best the northern nature can offer.

During winter, a buffet is served on request almost every night. During the summer, we provide a Menu offering delicious dishes made from pure northern ingredients. In the menu we have moose, reindeer and and game meat + salmon from the Ice Sea.

You’ll also find local handicrafts in the café. Materials include reindeer herd, salmon leather and birch.

Birthdays and weddings are organized with several years of experience and expertise. The Nature Center provides a romantic setting for the most important moments of our lives.

The restaurant is A-licensed to sell alcohol, and it has a wide selection of liqueurs and wines.

There is also space for dancing and on the terrace you can enjoy the atmosphere of a summer evening or northern lights.