Hotel Katkavaara Aurora Apartments and Snow Igloos in winter time

Hotel Katkavaara Aurora Apartments and Snow Igloos – Katkavaara Nature Center and Exhibitions

Welcome to Kätkävaara

Kätkävaara is located in Tervola, near Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. Katkavaara is also located close to Pisavaara Strict Nature Reserve. The nature in the Kätkävaara region is unbelievably beautiful and diverse. Katkavaara is famous for northern lights. It is the best site for following northern lights and midnight sun in Rovaniemi and Kemi – Tornio area. Indeed, Kätkävaara can easily be called a nature-lover’s paradise.

Kätkävaara is located right between the most popular tourist attractions of Southern Lapland. Within an hour’s drive you can find

Kätkävaara also functions as the base for many programs. People make day trips to the Kätkävaara region from Rovaniemi and Kemi; thus the site provides an excellent pit stop and an interesting location for international tourists to visit. The Nature Center and Aurora Apartments have thousands of foreign tourists visiting per year from all over the world.

Kätkävaara also provides an excellent location for watching the northern lights. The close Kätkävaara fell offers an unobstructed view of the dark north. The special spot provides a 80 % chance of seeing Northern Lights. It is maybe the highest rate in the world. Why? The climate is very continental, clear nights are very common here and absolute darkness let you see the lights in full colors. The Aurora apartments and rooms allow you following the sky all night long!

In addition, Kätkävaara is the perfect place for meetings and celebrations. The comfortable dining hall of the center seats as many as 150 people. Delicious traditional dishes made of local ingredients are made in the renovated kitchen. The house offers a good selection of wines.

The wood-burning sauna offers some comfortable heat. There’s also an outdoor bath which is heated on request with the sauna. By the river nearby you can find another wood burning sauna and large wooden tepee for grilling.

In the exhibition you will find filled animals and stones, horns and wooden peaces found from the local nature. The arboretum at Kätkävaara allows you to study various trees. In the 1950s, an unknown individual planted 12 different kinds of trees around the site. Kätkävaara includes also a photograph exhibition, showcasing the unique nature of the area.

A route starting at the yard of Kätkävaara connects to the Kätkävaara nature trail. Also, the Kilsi-Ristivuoma national park is just a few kilometers away. The Pisavaara Strict Nature Reserve can be admired from the top of the Kätkävaara fell, or you can take a car and drive around it.

Kätkävaara rents different kinds of hobby equipment, such as snowmobiles, ATVs, skis, snowshoes, mountain bikes and fishing gear. You can also book guided tours at the reception.

During the winter, snow igloos are built in the area. You can try spending a night in one of these, wrapped inside a warm sleeping bag.